Calendar syncing

I use Fantastical. I’ve noticed that if I edit an event in Fantastical it can take several hours for the edit to be reflected in the Agenda calendar.

However, I seem to be able to force the sync by opening and then qutting the Apple Calendar. Which is ok as a workaround, but not ideal.

I realise this may be an issue between Apple Calendar and Fantastical. If not, it would be good to be able to force sync calendars from within Agenda - perhaps clicking the ‘today’ ‘circle’ in the calendar to also force sync?

@trebso I also use Fantastical and haven’t noticed an issue with syncing. Apple calendar should not even come into play, Fan syncs in iCloud using apples db but doesn’t (need) to use the app. I don’t even have any ‘calendars’ in the calendar app and the ‘calendar local’ is not enabled in Fan.
I do have one issue though which seems associated with Agenda refreshing. It is jumpy sometimes when scrolling and also if scrolling fast just shows all as blank place holders until I cycle hide.

Edit: I even have tasks and ToDos sent from Omnifocus to Fantastical as events in their own respective cal names so that I can see them in agenda and time block in Fantastical. When sliding them around in OFs forecast They update in agenda almost instantly.

Thanks. That’s weird. I wonder if there’s something about the way I have Calendar and Fantastical set up.

My understanding was that Fantastical doesn’t actually use the so-called “Event Store” at all, but instead talks directly to the calendar server. This means that for a new event to get to Agenda from fantastical, it has to go to the server, and the Event Store then has to download it, and that triggers Agenda to import.

Usually this should be fast, and not need Calendar app at all, but opening Calendar can trigger a refresh. I don’t think we have any means to trigger the Event Store to refresh.

All I can suggest is restarting the Mac. Maybe something crashed. But if you see it often, it’s odd.

Thanks for clarify how this works. I’ll try restarting and keep an eye on the calendar behaviour.