Calendar option for Outlook


would like to be able to incorporate outlook calendar. due to work limitations I am only able to use outlook not apple calendar

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Did you try configuring Exchange in the System Preferences under the Internet Accounts tab? Once you see the exchange calendars in the Calendar app they should also appear in Agenda.

How do I do this on an iPad? Thank you!

You can configure this in the Settings app on your iPad by going to the Accounts and Passwords item.

Thanks for your help!

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Hi, due to limitations and security i’m unable to link my outlook calendar to iCal, is there anyway yet of linking to the actual outlook for Mac app?

Unfortunately not at this stage :sleepy:

Okay, no problem.

Please add me to the list of people who need this. I’ll do a workaround for now where I duplicate my work calendar events into my iCloud calendar, but Microsoft has introduced a new “security feature” to their Office 365 customers that forces the data to be accessed only by official Microsoft apps in the name of security (so they can remotely kill the access). Would love to have this integration with Outlook on iOS first (since I abandoned using the apps on macOS because I wasn’t willing to give them access to my Mac!).

I have access via Agenda to the calendar of my business Office 365 account (2FA-enabled). No issue so far on iOS and macOS. Did you setup the Exchange account under Settings > Accounts & Passwords?

You’re fortunate. The latest enterprise security option from Microsoft eliminates the ability for the iOS Calendar app to connect to the Office 365 calendar, and limits that connection to only Outlook. It is my belief that this is an incredibly stupid move, but that doesn’t matter, since some CIOs or CISOs will enforce it now that Microsoft has the option, and my company is. So, the only app I can use for getting my calendar is Outlook. It stinks.

That sucks indeed and will make it difficult for us to support office365 calendars as well at the moment alas :cry:

Agreed. It is so frustrating. For me, it appears that there is a gap in this enforcement at the moment, so I’m able to see and link meetings in that calendar, but I expect them to close the loophole again. The option would be to use Outlook, although they may not allow that, either. Check this out: when I “Copy” text from Outlook, it doesn’t let me “Paste” it into another app! What gets pasted is a blocking text like, “You are not allowed to copy your enterprise data here.”

So frustrating. And fundamentally demotivating.


I’m on board with integration with Outlook Exchange. Reminders and calendar items, that would be great.

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Yes please, I am in the same position. I have just given up on onenote and evernote and agenda was a recommendation. I have started to use it, but the lack of integration with Outlook on Mac is frustrating, especially since it works on my iPhone. I have to use the phone to link notes to a meeting, which is frustrating and may end up sending my back to Onenote!! HELP!!!

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Just got this app and must say, Im loving it so far but same problem as what is mentioned above. Has there been any progress since? I am unable to see my work calendar on Exchange on the ipad and thus cant really integrate it into Agenda. As a quick-fix, I have found a way to subscribe to my own work calendar which at least allows me to view them in Agenda but I cant add or edit which is very frustrating. Thank you!

For those experiencing similar Outlook connection issues, we were recently told that this might be related to MDM profiles installed by your workplace: