Calendar Notes & Alerts

It seems the Notes field and Alert fields don’t trasnslate well.

If you link a calendar event to a new Agenda Note it picks up the Calendar Note but doesn’t keep it in sync?

The Alert(s) don’t seem to translate either if the alert is based on travel time, or if there are two alerts?

Or am I missing something?

An no Travel Time option??

Could you illustrate what you describe with screenshots please? It makes it easier to understand what might be going on.

So I created a Calendar event:

Then in Agenda I edited:

Note the location does not show up in Agenda, nor the Travel Time, not the Alert’s reference to travel time.

Changing the duration in Agenda works,

but adding a second Alert in Calendar changes to the new (first?) Alert in Agenda (again with no reference to Travel) and ignores the later Alert.

Creating a “New Note Linked to Event” takes on the Calendars original Note as well as the entire Location info?

The Calendar’s Note now has an added link back to Agenda, as expected

but when modifying the Notes in Calendar or Agenda, the opposite related Notes do not update.

But, if I create another “New Note Linked to Event” in Agenda, I get all the text, including the new text (and still the address) from Calendar.

I would have expected these Notes and events to keep each other in sync, certainly expected the Alerts and Location to work/sync between Agenda & Calendar. I suppose the case could be made that Calendar’s Note field should only have a link back to the Agenda Note, but then why would the Agenda Note have the address and other info from Calendar, if it is not going to keep it synced?

Interestingly, Agenda crashed when doing this: I tried to add a location in Agenda to see what would happen, and it seems the location info is already in the location field, it just isn’t visible?? Notice the bottom half of “United Statesm” (I had just added the “m”) in this image:
And yes, that changes the Calendar Location info, even though I can’t see that info in Agenda,unless I modify it, and then only the last row,

I hope that sort of helps. I could do a video if you want.

I’ll recreate Rinders problem later.

BTW: That was all with Agenda 6.0 and latest Calendar (Version 11.0 (2245.5.2) that comes with Mac OS (Version 10.14.5 (18F132)

I am on Beta on the iOS side, but none of this is from there (at least not directly) as I did not do anything with Agenda data in iOS while repeating the above.

But, just checked, interestingly, the Location does seem to work fine on iOS but there are no alerts.

Perfect, that’s super helpful, thanks.

Ok, we’ll investigate.

but adding a second Alert in Calendar changes to the new (first?) Alert in Agenda (again with no reference to Travel) and ignores the later Alert.

Correct, we only support a single alert at the moment, nor do we support the travel alerts at the moment.

Creating a “New Note Linked to Event” takes on the Calendars original Note as well as the entire Location info?

This is the designed behaviour at the moment, and indeed it only imports the notes upon linking, it doesn’t keep the calendar notes in sync after that moment.

It’s because often you start of a note from a calendar event, importing the details at that stage can be useful to jump start the note.

I’ll look into that, indeed I noticed it too in your screenshots.

Good, but is it supposed to be that way?


I’m sorry, I missed your followup notes.

OK, I now see/understand that Agenda’s related notes are not intended to update back to calendar.

What about the Alerts picking the closest one to time to leave but not actual time to leave, that I have set in Calendar? And it changes (to the closest) if I add another (closer) alert. In my example they were all based on time to leave, but Agenda transposed them to time before the event.

About the Note thing with Location brought into the Agenda Note from Calendar; Seems strange given there is a link back to the event. Why move that data over?

I think it would be best if Agenda and Calendar events matched exactly and were kept in sync, including the small note field in Calendar. It would just be clearer and cleaner, and there would be no need to go back to Calendar, except perhaps to add invitees. :wink:

And I’d prefer the Agenda linked Notes be completely separate from notes field in Calendar, as what it brings over is only confusing.

BTW, it would be nice not to have to remember to hit save after editing an event.

The alert issue we need to look into, problem is that these are not standard alerts but alerts added by the system dynamically, hence might not be accessible to us. I’ll investigate this.

This just in practical, for starters because calendar doesn’t support many of the things that Agenda supports like rich text notes etc. But even more important, it’s simply a big privacy no-no. Calendar events are easily shared with others and it would be way to easy to accidentally share private notes with unintended parties.

Surely they are; look at BusyCal, Fantastical, Readdle’s Calendar, GoodTask maybe?

Yeah, look at BusyCal; they have all the fields from Apple’s data and add some of their own, like tags, graphics, and additional private notes (that don’t go to Calendar) separate tags, alarms, and URLs, referred to as “my alarm(s), my tags, my URL & my notes”

So I’ll be looking t how I can get Agenda, BusyCal and perhaps 2Do to work well together.

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This is only possible because BusyCal talks directly through those calendar services instead of through the event store that underlies the calendar and reminder app (it explains for example why you have to separately log in and setup your calendar accounts when you start using the app). That’s a major undertaking though and would cost us a few months of development time that we feel we can use better at other things atm.

Well, it turns out you are on the right path because they are now struggling with the new Reminders. Tough business to stay up-to-date.