Calendar not updating

What I did: clicked ‘next 10 days’

What happened: no calendar entries shown

What I expected: to see calendar entries

On quitting and restarting Agenda the calendar entries were shown

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
2.1.1 App Store; 10.13.4

I’ve been running Agenda for a couple of days without quitting. However, at least some of the calendar entries had been created before Agenda had been re-opened.

I have experienced this also. I didn’t really chase it though as I don’t use Agenda’s calendar very much at all other than to reference things I already have on it from other things.

Quick update, we made some changes in the 2.2 update that might have resolved this issue. Please let us know if this is not the case and you hit the same issue again.

Seems that there is still a lag of sorts with Calendar items not updating in Agenda. I have added things to Apple Calendar, and am trying to link Agenda tasks to them - but the Calendar items are not showing in Agenda calendar links.

Is that on iOS or Mac? Can you send us some screenshots and/or do these items appear when you reboot your device?

I’m on MacOS and my calendar doesn’t always update. Usually I quit both Calendar and Agenda and restart them both and it eventually resolves itself, but you can imagine this isn’t an ideal workflow when you’re in meetings all day.

I’m very hopeful for this product! Let me know how I can help.

What I noticed is that it’s often the system calendar app that is slow propagating items synced in from the outside, for example Google calendars or iCloud. Bringing the calendar app to the front and/or creating+deleting an event can help it push the updates through.

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Confirmed. It can take a hour for Agenda to catch up with Calendar’s syncing with Google calendars on macOS. Calendar is up-to-date immediately an event is created in Google — Agenda lags by a very long time. I assume if Agenda is syncing with a local Calendar store and not with Google itself, then there’s something wrong on the Agenda side.

We rely on the system calendar to sync with Google, that’s not something we can control. Unless you see a change directly appear in the system but not in agenda.

Still happening. No matter how frequently I shut down and restart Agenda hoping to kick off a calendar sync, Google calendar items that appear instantly in Apple Calendar wil l not appear in Agenda for 30 - 60 minutes. Today I wiped Agenda completely off my laptop and reinstalled. It still doesn’t sync 100% of the events on this Google calendar.

Very frustrating.

And this is also true for calendar items made on “today”? And what about iCloud calendars, do you have any and does creating an event there immediately make it visible in Agenda or only after a while? What happens when you press command-R in the Does that help sync it through faster?

I’m also seeing this. However I’m using 3rd party calendars (BusyCal or Fantastical2), so macOS calendar is not running. The 3rd party calendar apps can be up to date, but Agenda isn’t. Quiting agenda doesn’t seem to help much. Seems intermittent.

Do the events show in the If not, you’ll need to configure the system preferences for your calendars first.