Calendar not in sync when creating a new note from calendar-event

I make plans for the next week by creating a note (from a template) connected to each calendar event for that week.

What I did:
I wanted to create a new note from a template by clicking on a calendar event. The new note was created perfectly, and it seems like it was linked to the calendar event.

If I don’t do any editing to the note, the calendar doesn’t have any link associated with this event.

I expected to find a link showing that there was a note connected to this calendar event, even if I don’t do any editing.

MacBook pro OS 13.1
Agenda 16.0

Are you saying that the moment you edit the note the calendar refreshes and shows the link to the event?

Yes, it seems that the link is created when I start editing.

Ok, great, then I know what to do, thanks!