Calendar: monthly calendar

It would be nice and useful to show/hide a monthly calendar may be on the right side pane.


How does something turn into an official feature request? I’d also like this option, a lot. It would be ideal to have some kind of calendar view so I can see what tasks are upcoming in various projects chronologically.

We’ll consider it but at the same time it’s not our intention to turn Agenda into a replacement of the calendar app. For these kind of “overviews” you’re better off just switching to the

I also would like this feature. It would be great to see the Agenda notes organized in a calendar view where only the titles of notes are visible associated with their dates and date ranges, as another way to navigate/visualize notes. This would be especially useful see where things with date ranges overlap. I don’t think that’s something the calendar app can really does it’s pretty specific to the notes in the agenda app and having to scroll through the timeline view makes it hard to see an overview of the whole month.

Understanding updates must be prioritized and this may not be high on the list, I think this would be a great benefit for visualizing upcoming notes/finding past notes without having all the text visible.

I think the NotePlan 3 implementation of the monthly calendar view on the side panel is a good inspiration. Hope Agenda could adopt similar way.

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