Calendar missing

Is the recommended approach still as in

What I did: I went to add some events from the icloud calendars into agenda

What happened: only tasks, holidays & birthdays are visible

What I expected: 5 calendars from icloud to be visible

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda v14.1.1 (231)
macOS 12.5 (Mac mini M1)

Are the calendars visible in Apple’s Calendar? - no
Are the calendars visible in iCloud? - yes
Are the calendars visible in Fantastical? yes

Things I’ve changed recently
updates to Macos 15.5
“upgraded” to Flexibit’s Premium

Agenda without my diary (s) sadly wrecks the way I use it - I’d like some advice please?

As above I’m not 100% certain this is an Agenda - caused problem, but would like to eliminate it

Oh just thought to try iOS Agenda, rather than macOS.

  • I can see all the calendars within iOS agenda, as I would normally expect
  • I can add a note linked to a calendar item in iOS
  • the note shows up in macOS Agenda, claims it’s linked to a calendar event, but that event isn’t found

The answer is in the above. Fantastical talks directly to the calendar services you are using, in contrast, Agenda uses the same system as the system Calendar app. This means that the events must show in the latter in order for them to appear in Agenda too. The way to do this is to configure your calendar services not only in Fantastical (that part you can keep as is) but also in the system preferences so things appear in both Apple’s calendar app and Agenda. Let me know if that helps.

Thanks Alexander

I’ve spent rather a long time on calls with Apple support. They tried a series of diagnostics and potential solutions. TL:DR I erased the HD, reinstalled a fresh macOS and then reinstalled (only) my current application set.

all is now well - although I’m not sure what the cause was…

Oh wow, not sure that was needed but happy to hear it works now!

Hello there,

is it possible show connected calenders at all (like classic calendar view)?
If I want to plan some meeting I need to see 14 days before…
I can see only panel with upcoming events …

We don’t have a calendar view. The idea is to use your normal calendar app for most calendar functions. Our list is designed to make it easy to link to an event, but not to replace the calendar app.

Note that to see earlier events, you should be able to scroll upwards in the calendar view.