Calendar integration

Hi, apologies if this is not the right place but couldn’t find other way to contact you.

I am thinking about buying your product.

The thing that Ive been looking for for a long time is exactly AGENDA.

Add notes to events in my calendar (apple calendar).

Can you please describe the premium calendar feature. What do I get for my money.

Thank you.


Hi Niko,
Please note that Agenda works very well for free, and will integrate with your calendar. So you can try it out completely free.

The premium feature adds one extra part: you can create calendar events completely from inside with Agenda, without going to your calendar app. If you don’t have premium, you can link to existing calendar events, but you can’t make a new one; with premium, you can do everything from inside Agenda.

Kind regards,

Great. I’ve started using agenda few days ago and seems quite good. Here’s what my goal is. I want to be able to see my agenda notes inside Calendar (even on my Apple Watch). Would that be possible ? Right now, when i link something to the calendar there is a link that opens agenda but can’t see the note in Calendar itself ? Thanks !

Agenda does add some note text when creating a new event, I believe, but that is not the primary goal. I’m afraid Agenda is designed to be a separate note taking app, with close integration with calendar, reminders, and perhaps contacts in future.

If you just need notes in the calendar app, you can take them in calendar itself. Perhaps there are other apps with that specific goal.

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How can i link a project to a repeatable calendar event ?

For example i have an event called work and a project called work.

I want to link the whole project to a repeatable event in my calendar.



Hi Nikolai,

We don’t yet support repeatable calendar events that automatically create a corresponding note. We prefer to keep this decision whether to create a note for a repeating event a manual one as quite often not all events warrant a note.

Having said that, we do have some ideas to improve on this workflow, for example using templates.

If I’m correctly understanding what you’re asking, this CAN be done. You would simply add the Agenda link and copy that to your calendar in either the notes field or url. Please note, depending on your calendar app, the url field might not work correctly. This is the process I use…