Calendar in sidebar show wrong content

The calendar in sidebar show wrong content, it should be the 14th’s calendar,but it is actually the 13th’s calendar. You can compare it in below pics.

This sounds timezone or day boundary related. Are you sure the timezone you were in was correct, or alternatively, did you pass from the 13th to the 14th in the hour before you took the screenshot?

My timezone should be correct.

That’s very strange, is this true irrespective of which note (without a date) you select? And do you see it correct itself either during parts of the day or since you reported it?

After restart the app, it works well……
But maybe it’s not the timezone problem, beacause it is alway show the 13th’s calender whichever the day I chosenyd.

Strange, let me know if you consistently keep hitting this issue.

I found a way to reproduce the issue: if you callback url scheme from another app such as fantastical 2, the calendar content wlll always be on the day of the note even you change the day.

Can you illustratie this with some screenshots and exact steps how to reproduce?