Calendar in Agenda not smooth

It’s not smooth at all when I try to scroll up and down the calendar.

Are you referring to stutter or to loading of new events. Once you have visited a certain date range, is scrolling smooth afterwards? And was this right after install?

Sure I mean stutter. It has been 2 days since I got access to the Calendar. However, everytime I try to scroll it, even just from today to yesterday, it stutters like that it never load my calendar before. It shouldn’t be like this.
In the Calendar this never happens and everything is just smooth, even if some events need to be updated. It never get stuck just to load data.
I think user experience really need to be improved.

And is this on Mac or iOS? Which OS version are you using?

Also is this in the inspector or in the popover when setting the date?

It’s on Mac and mine is Mojave10.14.5.

It’s in the right list of main page

Thanks for the follow up, we’ll have a look.