Calendar Full View

Would be nice to see indicators (dots) and events to show on calendar full view:

Currently, events can only be viewed on calendar side panel.

Current calendar full view:

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I’d love better ways to see and edit the calendar too

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I’d welcome this, too.

The calendar already shows dots on dates that have an associated note (see below the 1 in the screenshot), but a full month view calendar isn’t something we have planned at the moment. Perhaps at some point but we feel a lot of other things are more useful to add first (like more powerful search).

That’s a shame as I was going to request a calendar view for Agenda - in the desktop app specifically. That is, to be able to look at a weekly/monthly view of your calendar and which notes were created and when, and linked to which events on my actual calendar. This would, in my opinion, be an immensely useful and powerful addition to my workflow and productivity with agenda.

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This is exactly what I want to see.

Example of this is how Apple Calendar shows events in the bottom:

Love to see Agenda to show created notes at the bottom of the full calendar view.

Well… it already has a view like that in the right margin, so for that feature I don’t see the point. A full calendar page tough, I’d understand. In my opinion, calendar has pretty good features already, most available in many apps that has ical sync. What Agenda shines is its reminders sync, and it could do more to become the only one in the market.

Just to be clear, you would like to be able to navigate via a month view of the calendar, rather than via the current arrows which move you a day back or forth. Is that it?

What I would like is to be able to view BOTH a monthly and weekly view showing calendar events, those events that have a note linked, and notes created independent of an event.

OK, thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it along.

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