Calendar events list

Not sure if this is soemthing you might consider, but would personally love. I really like the way you have styled the calendar events in the top right to match the iOS app.

I know design is subjective, but my ideal would be how you guys have styled it there, with the functionality in Fantastical (MacOS) where they have the calendar view, and you can scroll through all the, or select a date in the calendar to jump to that date.

If you could take that bit of functionality, and apply your styling to it in Agenda that would be amazing!

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Thanks for the compliments and feedback, we’ll have a think about it.

I hope its something you can do. My reasoming would be that I might want to add a note relating to something in my calendar, and it would be easier to scroll through a list of upcoming events, rather than necessarily remember when exactly they are. Especially if they are, say, Todoist tasks.

I’m thinking at the minute you have a fiter to display events on the currently selected date, so it may largely be as simple as switching of that filter. Having said that, I’m a web developer so appreciate that some things that may appear relatively straightforward might not be, and vice versa. Also, I appreciate that you guys might just be happy with how it works currently. Like I said above, I think a lot of this stuff is very subjective!

So then, instead of when you select a date in the calendar that filtering events on that date, it jumps to that date in the list view. If that makes sense.

Have a look at Fantastical to see what I mean if you’re not familiar.