Calendar Event sync issues

What I did: Created a Calendar Event from a Note in a Project, then, in BusyCal, changed the time of the event.

What happened: In Agenda, the Note still showed the original time.

What I expected: That the changed time would sync back to Agenda

ALSO rather frustared that, when creating a Calendar Event, you have to enter the start/end times manually. Would help if you could advance the cursor to the next field with Tab, but you have to click each of the four fields. Very slow.

Thanks for the report. I assume this is all on mac? Or is this on iPad?
If you change the event in Busycal, does it change in the Calendar app? And was it just a time change on the same day, or was the day also changed? Finally, if you make the change in the Calendar app do you in that case see it update in Agenda?

We’ll also have a look at the tab issue.

Thanks for your reply. It was a time change on the same day, and all on Mac.

I’ve experimented with changing times in both Calendar and BusyCal. They DO both sync back to Agenda, but there is quite a delay when making the change in BusyCal. Changes made in Calendar sync back immediately.

So the ball would seem to be in BusyCal’s court.

Look forward to more on the Tab issue. Great to see how Agenda is developing, and looking forward to seeing what it will do when the new Mac Reminders app appears later in the year.



I wouldn’t want to blame BusyCal just yet, it seems Calendar app triggers event store updates more aggressively (which is what Agenda picks up), but this is not something 3rd party apps have control over, the timing is determined by the system, i.e. don’t think they can do much…