Calendar event list always reset to today's date. Could it be better?

Hi, I bough Agenda just a few days ago and I’m already loving it. I think it will cover a lot of things I was looking for in a bunch of different apps. Both MacOS and iOS versions are great! Well done!
I thing I would suggest is somehow allow the calendar events list (below the calendar icon, on the right column) to be set showing the future events of “n” days ahead.
Now I can set it by clicking in the calendar icon and then on the “Next 10 days” option.
However, if I click anywhere else (project, category, whatever) the calendar list reset to today’s events only.
I think it would be very helpful if I could set the calendar list to always show the events of a defined period ahead, don’t matter if then I click somewhere else. Specially because it will constantly show the events that might require some action.
Cheers! And thanks for your time!

Note that the right panel follows your selection. If you select a note with a date or date range in the future, that is what the calendar events will be for. Only if there is no note will you get the default: today.

I guess you would rather have some control over that “default”. We will consider it. Thanks for the feedback!

Thanks Drew McCormack,
that is exactly what I mean, change this “default” behaviour.
Hope to hear from this in the future.

Not sure if I’m just missing the functionality, but a quick way to return to today’s date in the calendar list would be great.

Should be a little circle at the top next to the arrows in the right panel. That will take you either to the day of the selected note, or to Today if no note is selected.

Kind regards,