Calendar event created on iPhone isn't synced on other devices

What I did: I have created a note and linked it to a calendar event (also created within Agenda) on my iPhone.

What happened: However, in the Calendar app from iPad or Macbook, the event isn’t there.

What I expected: I think the event should have been synced. It’s very confusing when I can find the event created in one device but not the other.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): I have all the most updated versions of Agenda on all my device. (iPhone XR, Macbook Pro, iPad)

The question is, does the calendar event you created in Agenda show up in the Calendar app on your phone?

If it does, the sync issue is with iCloud/the calendar app, not Agenda. Note that sync of calendar events from and to the phone is often much slower than from a mac for example, most likely because of power saving efficiencies. In my experience often closing and opening the calendar app on the phone triggers a refresh. Similarly you can on your MacBook do a cmd-R to trigger a refresh. If that doesn’t help, can you try a reboot of your phone? Perhaps the calendar app is stuck syncing.

Thanks for the reply!

I checked and it turned out that I have added the event to a “Personal” calendar that is “ON MY iPHONE”. After changing the calendar that the event belongs, everything works fine.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Aha, there you go, glad you found out what caused it!