Calendar Event, Calendar Selection

Strange, because this is how it should work. This is what it looks like for me in Calendar app:

and in Agenda (note that we filter out calendars that are not writable):

Can you post what both look for you?

Do I understand correctly that you would want the ability to, aside from creating new events, also create a new calendar for each project? And the create event option should then choose by default this newly created calendar (or the last one used per project I guess)?

Yes, that is correct. I think it will be useful to directly create and keep calendars associated to projects in the app. The user will have quick and easy access to the info (notes) and the timing (evolution) of a specific project.

Good morning. When you say you filer out calendars that are not writable, does that mean all of the iCloud calendars are blocked? My apologies if this is something that is straight forward, but I am truly missing something on that note in knowing what is or isn’t a calendar that can be written to through the application.

Here are the screen shots from my event efforts.

  1. this is the screen shot when I select the option to create a new event. It is defaulting to this specific public Google calendar:

  1. this is what I get when I attempt to click on the list option to move to a different calendar:

  1. and this is a partial list of the calendars on my computer:


@sdunson strange, I would expect those iCloud calendars to be showing up so definitely something going wrong. Could you do the following to help us debug the issue?

Under the Go menu in the Finder select Go to Folder, then type


Then create a zip file (File > Compress) from the folder System.agenda-system and email it to us (don’t upload here) to ?

That way we can see what Calendars Agenda app can see and tell us more why they don’t show in the popup menu.


Alex, hello. I am sending a quick update to let you know after the latest update (1.0c2) came through this afternoon, iCloud calendars are now available. I will continue testing efforts and let you know if there are any other issues related to the calendar selection hiccup reported yesterday.


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Could it be that when the app first asked for permission to access the calendar, that you clicked “Disallow”? I guess if you did that, the calendars would not appear, and the update may have triggered a new request.


Drew, thanks for the question. I have a few more questions along your train
of thought. So, if I denied access to calendars during the install of the

  1. Shouldn¹t Google Calendars have been a part of the denial?
  2. Shouldn¹t the update have asked permission to access the calendars again?
    It seems like there may still be a big question mark in regards to what
    happens when the request to access the calendar area is given. If it was
    denied during the first/initial install, it should not automatically assume
    it is ok on an update. Maybe there needs to be some sort of visible
    checkbox with the preferences area that allows users to know what the
    backdoor/background settings are for troubleshooting purposes from a
    functional and technical perspective?

In general, I cannot remember what I indicated when I installed the
application the first time. It definitely did not request any permissions
when I installed it on another machine yesterday. Unfortunately, that
leaves us with waiting for someone else to experience the same issue.
Hopefully my line of questions above make sense on why they are being asked.


Hi Sandra,

I’m afraid it is a mystery indeed.

You needn’t worry that we “assume” permission without you lending it, because the system enforces that. When we want to access the calendar, it will ask you the first time to grant permission. If you say no, the app does not get access.

You can look in System Preferences in Security & Privacy, in the Privacy tab, to see if you gave Agenda permission. Select Calendar there.

Kind regards,


How do I see which specific calendars are connected to the Agenda app. When I activated the agenda app, nothing shows up. Please help.

How do I see which specific calendars are connected to the Agenda app.

It should show the calendars and events you also see in the

Is it possible to sync other than iCloud - perhaps dropbox, google drive etc.?

No, and it would be non-trivial, because we are using CloudKit, which is a special part of iCloud. It’s not just a question of putting some files in Google Drive I’m afraid.

My work laptop has iCloud services blocked, that is why I asked if it is possible to sync using some other service…possible?

No, not in the immediate future. It would be a big project. Not trivial.

(Does your work block iCloud, but not Google Drive? Odd.)

ah okay.
Yes! weird is the right word - but so far I am not complaining as long as I have some cloud sync. I can use one drive, dropbox, google drive but not iCloud.

Update: calendar updates and interaction should be much more robust in today’s 2.0 update. In addition it also allows you to hide calendars you don’t need (requires premium features).


i have a problem with the calendars extending an event between two months. I mean I don’t know how to extend it when a month is over and the following one starts. For example, I tried to make an event lasting from April 20 to May 2, but I could extend it only till April 30. Is there a way to go from April to May to included even some days of the second month? Thanks a lot.

I have a second question: when I open the menu to link to a calendar event, next to the date there is a small symbol of research and I tried to use it, hovering and clicking on it, but nothing happened. What is that and how it works? Thank you.

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Normally you can use the Shift key:

  1. Choose the first day of your event, let’s say the 29th of April
  2. Change to May 2018
  3. Hold down the Shift key and klick on the end date, e.g. the 2nd of May. You selected the period from the 29th of April until the 2nd of May.

But … Well, now it worked like it should now one, two times. But also several times after choosing the end date in May the calendar jumped back to April (where the start day was) and made a different selection. I guess … it is a bug!

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It works for now. Thanks!