Calendar disappearing all the times

What I did: I set calendar to show notes of this week. All my calendar appointment shows up. That’s ok. Then I click on another project

What happened: All calendar appointment clear up and the calendar is set to today.

What I expected: To see all calendar appointments of this week as I have selected.

It appear that it doesn’s save settings to view calendar. For me is really important that if select this week, I can see calendar appointment for all this week as selected even if I change project or view.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda is 2.3, MacOS is 10.13.6, I’m on a Mac Book Pro



Hi Giovanni,
The right column is related to the current selection of notes. If the currently selected note has a date, it shows events for that date. If there is no date for the current note, it defaults to showing today.
So it is not a general purpose calendar widget, it is an inspector for the current selection. If your note you are working on has a date or range, you should see the events there for that date or range.
Kind regards,