Calendar Day View Widget

Not sure if this has been already asked but I was wondering if it was possible to get a widget view of the current day calendar events shown by the Agenda app calendar. I request as the Agenda app shows calendar and reminders in one view, which would be useful as a quick way to see day events.


I second this.

Before discovering Agenda, I was looking for a solution that combines calendar events and todos and can show them in the same timeline…also as widgets. Kind of like the Sorted App but with better visual cues on task duration etc.

Now, after finding abd loving Agenda, I realized that Apple reminders and calendar integrate best with it. But…those apps (on iPhone) and their widgets just don’t appeal to me.

The best solution would be some sort of Agenda widget for events and reminders…or direct and native integration with other task/calendar apps (like Outlook or Moleskine Studio).

Alas, maybe Apple will improvements their apps this year. We‘ll see in 1 month.

Thanks for the feedback!

It is stretching into territory which really should be for the Calendar and Reminder apps. Have you checked if either of those provide a useful widget for you?

Agenda is focussed on the notes, more than the events themselves. The events are there in support of the notes. Perhaps we could include just an event widget, but it would be a little out of character with the focus of the app.

Note that we do surface the notes in our widget which have upcoming times/dates. So if you have some notes for events today, they should appear at the top of the widget as the time approaches.

Will think about whether an event/reminder widget makes sense.

Thanks for considering. :slightly_smiling_face:

I personally don’t believe this widget will turn Agenda into any more of a calendar app than it already is, as the app is date based. I say this as you already decided to put a calendar view in Agenda to show a summary of appointments and tasks combined.

I was just interested in a widget view of what was already implemented. This widget view would make it possible to view the calendar summary quickly and increase the usability of the app for a quick reference as to what is on the agenda.

I currently do use the Apple calendar and Reminders app widget. But they do not combine the calendar and reminder events into a single view. The combined, chronological, slide out view you created in Agenda is clean, useful, and would enjoy having access to it as a widget to quickly get to the full scope of my day Agenda.

Thanks for your consideration. :slightly_smiling_face:

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OK, so the crux of the matter is that you would like a combined calendar+reminders in one view. That’s what you are missing.

I can’t promise anything, but it’s an interesting idea. Will take it along.


I’d recommend having a look at Fantastical here. It’s super, and has numerous widget options. The combination with Agenda is very powerful. (Obviously it’s another app on the roster but they really have got the calendar part of it right.)

Hope that’s helpful. Kind regards.

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