Calendar Date Picker for older dates

What I did: I tried to set a date to 22.05.2005 with the search function in the date picker.

What happened: Other than when searching e.g. for 24.12.2021, where the date then turns yellow and the calendar jumps to the respective date and the option to assign this date to the note, with the older date the selected date stays gray and cannot be assigned this way.
What works is, to keep scrolling until e.g. 22.05.2005 and then assign the date to the note. This is not very comfortable though when you want to use Agenda as a historic journal…

What I expected: I expect that I can search via direct input of an older date - e.g. 28.01.1928 - for that date and get an activated „assign“ button.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

Indeed a known issue we want to address, thanks for reminding us.

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Update: in Agenda 14 you should now be able to type older dates in the calendar picker and it should bring you to the correct date.