Calendar connections

Perhaps I misunderstood, but when you say Agenda will connect with Calendar, is it just the Apple calendar it connects with, or other calendar programs, specifically Outlook 365?

It will connect to any calendar that makes use of Apple’s Calendar Store. This is like a database that is used by Calendar app, but also available to other apps. If you can see events in the Calendar app, they will also be available to Agenda. Note that you don’t actually have to use Calendar app itself, as long as the events end up in the Calendar store.


Thanks. Now I need to know if there’s a way to change email. I bought the premium from an account I had set up with one email, but now I realize that i should have created it with icloud email to sync things up across devices, but i can’t find anyway to change the email without having to repurchase.

Can you help?

That isn’t necessary per se, your Agenda account is purely used for unlocking the premium features, which is separate from your iCloud account that is used for sync. It’s perfectly fine if those two use different email addresses.

Hei Drew!
Just have to double check. I use Fantastical and have not connected any of my calendars to the (Apple) Calendar app. I do not see any calendar events in Agenda, and that’s because I use Fantastical, right?
Are there any plans of changing this?

I do not see any calendar events in Agenda, and that’s because I use Fantastical, right?

No, it’s because you have not setup any of your calendars under the accounts tab in the System Preferences (i.e. they don’t show up in the system Calendar app), once you do so they will also show in Agenda and it can be happily used side-by-side with Fantastical.

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Hi @Lena,

Fantastical is the calender used on this phone as well! @mekentosj’s answer was how this phone was able to link the Fantastical calender with Agenda.

Creating new events, which is a phenomenal benefit, now can be done on this phone very easily! Not quite certain if your premium yet; but, for this feature alone I would recommend the investment! If fantastical is already set on that phone, kindly disregard this reply!


Matthew J. Copley IV