Calculate SUM for tables (such as budgeting a project/plan)

Tables are a great way of doing a few things in notes, one of them is making a table of items to purchase including their cost. So why don’t add an option to calculate the total sum for a column.

It should identify if symbols such as €, £ or $…etc are added alongside the number.

Maybe adding a similar syntax makes that box convert into sum automatically and calculate everything in the above boxes.

This really helps, instead of keep editing and re-calculating things manually.



At some point we could consider adding such a feature, but at this point, you would be better with a spreadsheet document, which you can attach to the Agenda note.

There are many table feature requests. We are more likely to tackle ones related to controlling column width first.

We do have ideas about ways to get calculations into the app.

All things for the future at this point, I’m afraid. Weighed down by some big projects at the moment.


Excellent! Being able to do ‘back of envelope’ calculations inside Agenda does seem to fit with the concept of a notetaking app. Of course, everyone will have a different idea of what’s in the scope of ‘back of envelope’! :wink:


Circling back to “plus one” this idea! Being able to do simple calculations (no need to implement formulas beyond basic arithmetic) would be a huge boost to my workflow and thinking!

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We haven’t got this for tables yet, but we do have a new action for doing simple sums. See Text Actions Cheat Sheet

Eg. \expression(5 * 8) will insert 40

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Another alternative is to just copy and paste an existing table with those calculations already performed.

Im using Numbers app at the moment and just link to the file. Better than editing and copying, until a builtin solution is made.

…and honestly, Agenda will never be as powerful as a dedicated spreadsheet like Numbers. For more advanced usages, using Numbers or Excel, and attaching the file — which you can now edit directly from Agenda — is the preferred approach. The tables in Agenda are designed for when you need a simple and fast mock up of a small amount of data.

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