BusyCal & Agenda

BusyCal is a more affordable integrated task & calendar app, on iOS and macOS, and plays well with others, Exchange, Apples apps, etc. They also have not charged for an upgrade for years.

I’m working on a combined Agenda and BusyCal workflow, and would love to hear from others who have this combo.


Can you extrapolate on how you coordinate the two? I’ve been using Fantastical and am dumping it; I’ve also been having lots of trouble, i.e, not getting reminded across devices, by 2Do. I’m looking for a better setup.

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I’m not at the point of explaining anything as I’m still sorting it out, but BusyCal works with Reminders which works with Agenda so I’m hoping to experience a nice integration. We’ll see. I’ll try to remember to share more back once I have settled on a workflow.

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Apparently 2Do wasn’t ready for Apple’s switch from caldav and I think that is causing me problems. From what I can tell, they do not plan on ever making the switch, so there is no more sync with Reminders. My reminders show up on my MBPro, sometimes on my iPhone, but not on my watch even though it is all set up correctly.

I would be interested to see how your workflow looks. Cheers, Peter

BusyCal, like Agenda, integrates with Apple Reminders. Having a solid workflow to integrate all three apps would be very welcome.