How do I indent bullets so they become a,b,c ? When setting to bullets I get 1,2,3 and then if I indent sub items they are also 1,2,3 but I would like a,b,c etc

At the moment you can’t change the style of the numbered list I’m afraid.

As far as I know, when using markdown you van only have numbered and bullet lists so I guess that if we’re writing in markdown with Agenda, we have to be tied to the markdown way of doing things.

Please, correct me if I’m wrong…

There’s also checklists (which you can create using markdown too if you want, see Taking Notes), and in version 11 you will be able to choose between having dashed or bulleted lists. However, as mentioned you can’t change style between items and subitems, nor do we support the a), b), c) type list style at the moment.