Bullet Points request


Is there any way to make another option on the bullet list to actually offer bullets with different looking sub-bullets? For example, in any MS Office or Google application, if you select a bullet point, it is a solid dot. If you hit return, it creates another bullet point but if you hit “tab," , it indents and turns into an empty circle as a sub-bullet. In Agenda when you indent on the 2nd or later bullets, it indents but it’s still the same looking bullet.

If you choose a number bullet, the first sub-bullet is a “1,” not a “1.1.” I know that seems a little petty but aesthetically neither looks very good.

If I am doing it wrong, then someone please correct me and I’d be very appreciative.

Just my $.02.


Bob H


Thanks for the suggestion, we’ll take it into account and see if we can add something like that.


I was just looking for the same thing. Dashes are OK, but bullets make a point. :wink:

You can choose bullets instead of dashes if you go to the Agenda settings under the appearance tab.

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