Bulk attachment of image in iOS

I have started using Agenda to keep a diary of a gardening project. I am attaching images however I cannot see a method of selecting several images from Files. I have to attach them one by one - this slow.

If I am right about this then Agenda could be improved by the addition of being able to select a number of images.


PS I just found a previous post from Sept 19 on the same topic. Sorry but it is worth reminding the developers of his issue.

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Thanks. I believe you are right. We will take it on board and see if there is a possibility to support multiple file import.

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Thank you.

Thanks for asking! I had the same question. Also any way to compress picsbefore or after adding(IOS)

We don’t have any built in compression. We always preserve the original file.

If you do want to add a bunch of compressed photos, better to probably use some other tool to compress them before adding them to Agenda.

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