Bug with dictation

What I did:
Open the app on mobile, start typing a new todo by dictation, once finished - tasks keyboard icon: everything I dictated disappeared

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): agenda latest, iOS latest 14

Ouch, we’ll have a look why this happens, thanks for reporting.

Just to be sure, can you send a screenrecording of what you describe and/or send a screenshot highlighting the button or action you take that erases the dictated content?

It seems that I can not, unfortunately: when I create new journal for a screen recording, it doesn’t reproduce. And the records where it happens regularly is full with private text…

The other thing I noticed, it seems to happen with Russian only. If I switch, without leaving the Dictation, to English and add whatever I wish, things works fine.

Ok, that’s still very helpful to know, we’ll have a look.

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Update: these issues should be fixed in Agenda 14, thanks again for reporting!

Thank you!

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