Bug in iOS Integration with Corporate Exchange

Hi all,

There appears to be a bug associated with how Agenda interacts with corporate exchange systems. The symptoms are that after being idle for a while Agenda cannot see the exchange calendar, and in the settings for Agenda, Exchange is not available for selection (premium activated).

The Exchange account will show up (and be automatically selected by Agenda) under the following circumstances.

  1. Agenda is open
  2. Calendar is open
  3. In calendar, create a new event in the local “Home” iOS calendar
  4. Go back to agenda, the new local event will appear.
  5. After an indeterminate amount of time (normally around a minute) the Exchange calendar will appear as a selected calendar in Agenda preferences. I’ve seen the list update “live” whilst the settings app has been open and the calendar pop up selected.
  6. Select a day (not the current one) and within about 30 secs Agenda will have populated the Exchange calendar into the Agenda app.

From there entries can be linked to Exchange calendar entries as normal.

  1. These linkages stay, even when Agenda forgets about exchange again, and the process is re-triggered.
  2. Having a local event in a day is not sufficient to trigger the Exchange calendar showing up. It needs to be a new event creation.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Agenda - Latest IOS version
IOS - 12.1.4
Exchange - Activesync managed by MDM
Calendar - Exchange calendar visible
Privacy settings - Agenda has calendar access

I have Agenda on Mac, and the Mac does not have access to the corporate exchange calendar. Not sure if this is relevant. The behaviour is consistent even if I don’t have the Mac switched on.


Thanks for letting us know, we have a major update to the calendar underpinnings coming up in a few weeks, would be great if you could let us know if the problem still exists there or has been fixed.

Thanks for the update, will check it out when the new version is released and let you know.


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I recently reported this through the app - but this is the exact issue I’m having as well with my corporate email on my iPad. I keep track of notes from my different meetings with a task that is linked to each meeting. Looking forward to the update!

Ah, that’s good to know it is not an isolated issue. I was wondering if it was a bug in Agenda not allowing the calendars to be seen, or a bug in iOS allowing them to be seen (we have “open in” control enabled and I don’t know if that stops calendars being visible)

I’m having a similar problem, but it didn’t show up until after the last major iOS upgrade.