Bug by swiping

What I did:
Texting by swiping, when using lists with indent on i phone and i pad
What happened:
No text appear. After all i have to typ in the text. Works, but reset the indent and sometime listing too
What I expected:
Normal text input; whatever i wrote
Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):
Newest; iOS13/iPadOS13

Any chance you accidentally hit the keyboard bar above the keyboard while swiping?

It works well if I swipe and afterwards set format to list.
But doesn’t work, if I first set List and afterwards swipe.
It doesn’t work either, if I am in a list and want to increase indent of the next point.
Bug still exists.

And other topic:
For the first time I lost a note. Created on iPad and afterwards got lost, when I checked iPhone and also on mac.
After checking it was gone on iPad too…
Maybe it was a single happing.

But great App – thanks a lot

Are you certain the note is missing? Could it be in a different project, or could you accidentally have a search filter turned on (eg on the agenda)?

I’m not quite following the swipe issue. Do you mean the swipe keyboard that Apple added?

Missing Note

Yes I am sure it is missing. But it did happen only ones. Maybe I wrote on the iPad and change something on iPhone before sync. was completed.

swipe issue

On iPhone and iPad by using Apples swipe-keyboard:

  • sometimes I have to type letter by letter the first word and afterwards it recognizes swiping
  • sometimes it works great from the first word on
  • sometimes it decrease indent but don’t show the text I swiped
  • it always works well, when I type letter by letter the first word and use swiping afterwards
  • it always works well by using bluetooth-keyboard

So I can handle it by typing the first word in a different way; the issue is not currently important.


May I add a point?
On iPad using split-view (left Agenda, right Things 3 p.e.) with sidebar open: the main-window of Agenda don’t fit well; it’s loosing at the right side.
Not really disturbing. But after checking the important stuff – maybe a point to work on.

But over all

But really I love your app. It works well, and I use it all day!
Thank you.

Best regards

Thanks for the feedback!

It’s me again. You asked to write, if I should have a sync issue again.
Last month it happened may be five times, that sync iPhone to iPad didn’t work well. I had to edit the note on iPhone (just add a space), then syncing was fine.

Today I didn’t realize syncing wasn’t completed, and after editing on iPad I lost the part on iPhone. Not whole note, just the part that did not sync.
Not that bad to me, but I think, you should know about this.

Sometime I have no internet-connection by typing notes; but I think that was not the problem.


Thanks for the follow up Simon, can you verify that you are using Agenda version 9.1.2 on all your devices where you have Agenda installed. What you describe sounds like one of the devices is still running an earlier version.

I’m updating regularly.
Mac, iPad, iPhone with the newest Version.

Hi Simon,

A quick follow up to say we have identified a few potential places where this could stem from, hopefully addressed and fixed in the upcoming 9.1.3 update. Thanks again for your help!

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