Broader clickable note title space

When creating notes, I sometimes switch over to another task in a different app before coming back to the new note in Agenda. But I always end up collapsing the new note by accident because I’ve clicked too far away from the note’s title text placeholder while trying to edit it. If the placeholder area could be a little wider, it would be easier to manage. It doesn’t have to be all the way to the calendar icon but just wide enough to not have trouble editing the title when clicking on the title bar.


Are you referring to the Mac or iOS/iPadOS? Could it be because you tend to double-click the note header? Collapsing should only occur on double-click, not on single-click.


Thanks for your response. I’m referring to the macOS app. My double-click is set at a slower pace, so I see how that can cause the note header to collapse. But that’s because I’m just clicking once and not getting a response, which turns into clicking around the note’s header until I get the cursor.

All I’m saying is it would be great if the header text area was wider so we didn’t have to click around frantically to activate the cursor.

It’s a fine balance alas as making the title area larger will inevitably result in the opposite complaints, that it’s hard to find an area to drag the note.

I see. But it doesn’t have to be the whole length of the header in the macOS app. What about a ‘half-and-half’ situation? Maybe a drag indicator icon next to the calendar?

For now I think we keep it the way it is, so far we haven’t had others complain, but we can see whether others chime in here.

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