Breadcrumb should be Project: not Projects



A small point, but when a project (eg Yak Training) is selected, the breadcrumbs across the top of the screen shows:

Projects Yak Training

It’s a bit weird that Projects is in the plural - because it’s only showing one project. When a note is selected, the title of that is shown too:

Projects Yak Training Market demand

At a glance it looks to me like two projects will be shown, but for some reason the formatting is broken!

I’d suggest, firstly making Project singular (but keeping it plural in the side bar where it makes sense), and secondly, using a more conventional format for the breadcrumbs eg

Projects > Yak Training > Market demand


The first part is the title of the category, so if you choose Projects as the category (or don’t have any categories yet) it will be shown like that.