Bold note titles

This is probably pretty subjective, but I feel like titles of notes should be in bold text to make them stand out more when scrolling through a project. I often find myself looking for them a little harder than I’d like.

Thanks for the feedback. We’ll take it along.

Note that you can use horizontal lines in notes now, as well as background colors. Perhaps one of these options will make it easier for you to see the borders of notes, if that is a problem.

Being able to set default note background colors (versus having to set each note manually) would help with this.

As a bonus, might be nice if you could set note backgrounds to match the project’s color in the sidebar.

Thanks for the feedback, a potential workaround/help is that you can set the background color of note templates in the template editor, if you create new notes from these templates they’ll get the color you have set.

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