Blurry text in the Tour


When you first launch the app, you can see a demo/tour of how the app functions.
The text there appeared sightly blurry to me.



Hi Corentin, are you perhaps on a non-retina Mac or external display?


It is a non-retina Mac indeed. I also happened to have a secondary monitor on it, but I was on the main one.



Ok, yes, we need to make to include the 1x images, not done yet, cheers.


The next beta should have this resolved


Hi there. After a few minutes with the app I see its promise!

I ran into an issue that sounds a lot like this one but with the notes content after switching back and forth between the sample projects to look around. The entire content was horizontally squished toward the center and the text was … small and gross. :smiley: After that, no matter what content I switched to, it stayed that way (the correct content was displayed for the selection but was rendered incorrectly as described). I did not think to take a screenshot (for which I feel stupid). I had to quit and relaunch the app to fix it and have not been able to reproduce it since and have resized the window for the first time since then (so maybe it’s an initial view geometry / autolayout issue that is corrected upon subsequent launches due to saved state?).

I’m not sure if the version I downloaded today (December 23rd) includes the fix for the original issue but in case it does I wanted to report what I saw.

FYI, I’m running 10.13.0 (17A365) on a Hackintosh (the perils of a Hackintosh are such that it’s unwise to install OS updates TOO quickly). Non-retina display on a macOS-supported NVIDIA (NVIDIA’s web drivers). Let me know if I can provide more information.


Thanks Joshua, I think this is a different issue, the problem @cortig experienced was that in the previous build we didn’t include @1x images for the welcome tour so the scaled down @2x versions made the tour look blurry for him.

What you describe is something I saw with early builds if you would do a search and the empty results island view would show, it was a layer+autolayout issue. Do I understand correctly that you also saw this in a build older than the one we sent the email about? If so I think it’s best to see if you can still get the app in this state again.


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