Blank title (instead of todays date) when creating a new note?


I am new and I just upraded to premium. Is there a way to have the title blank when I create a new note? Currently, it shows today’s date and I have to keep on pressing delete to clear it. I have the option “Assign new notes to today” because I want each note to show date. if I turn it off then the title is blank however then i have to manually assign the date. Its like one or the other. I dont understand why the title needs to be a date when its already assigned a date on the right. Why would i want to see the date as a tile and the date on the right?

I would like the note to be auto asisigned a date however blank title so I get into writing instead of starting by delete the date title. Please tell me there is a way. :pray:

I am using an iPhone. Latest version. software updated.

Thank you.

Alas, this isn’t possible at the moment. We’ll take your feedback on board. Just to be clear, it should only require a single delete to erase the title as it should be selected after creation, isn’t this the case?

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not on iOS. single delete only works on the mac

on iPhone where I feel its most needed, one has to delete one word at a time to clear the title.

Ok, we’ll have a look then, it should select the entire title…

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In ios it actually starts with no title. But if you proceed right away with the content… Untitled appears

That’s true if the option assign new note to today is not on. Then you have to manually assign the note to today manually. Like the first post. It’s one or the other.