Blank space appears on bottom of old notes

What I did: Looking through my notes

What happened: Some notes have a lot of blank space at the bottom that wasn’t there before. I thought it might be empty lines, but I couldnt select them. When I went to the last line I wrote und pressed Enter, the blank space disappeared and only the new line I entered was there. I had to manually go through every note and add a line to remove the blank space, then delete that line.

What I expected: That my notes stay the way they are and no blank space is added.

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc): Agenda 10.0.1 (127), macOS 10.14.6. When this happens, it usually happens with all notes in one sub-category, but not across all categories.

That seems to be a layout glitch. We would like to track it down, but for now, usually resizing the window, entering a return in the note, or switching projects, will fix the glitch. Sorry for the trouble.

I have sth. simlar sometimes with additional “lines” at the bottom of notes. Collapsing/expanding or switching the project “repairs” it. In fact there are no additional line in the text, only the note window is to long/high.

@csterneck Yeah, that’s exactly it.

@drewmccormack Alright, thanks for the info. Resizing the window is at least less tedious than adding a return in every note.

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