Bidirectional note linking bug or feature?

Just fiddled around with links and backlinks on notes. I am not sure if this behavior is expected or a bug.

Lets say I have the following setup

Group 1

  • Project 1.1
    – Note 1.1.1
    – Note 1.1.2
    Group 2
  • Projekt 2.1
    – Note 2.1.1

When linking note 1.1.1 to 1.1.2 both notes will be referenced under “referenced notes”, as expected

But linking note 1.1.1 to 2.1.1 has a different behavior. While viewing Note 1.1.1 only notes in the same project will be shown (thus: note 1.1.2). Note 2.1.1 will not show up, even if the note is linked within the text of note 1.1.1. Switching to note 1.1.2 won’t show note 1.1.1 as referenced either.

Are bidirectional links already working? is this behavior expected?

I’d expect to show up the referenced notes vice versa on both notes.

If I am correct, there seems to be no bidirectional linking right now (even it’s quite popular atm): Bidirectional note linking?

If I am right, the behavior I described above is just a simple search within the same directory/project and of no or less use. :frowning:

Indeed, bidirectional notes isn’t something we support yet, we hope to bring this in the not too distant future.

Thanks for your reply.

Would be nice to link it in this way. The current “related area” does not seem to be quite helpful to me atm and could be improved by this. Not sure how “related notes” work, though. It seems only notes in the same project are shown. Right now it seems that all of them are shown (right now I have too less notes in Agenda to play around).

Yes, we definitely want linked notes to show under related in the future. For now here’s how it currently works: Related Notes Explanation Please