Better use of Calendar

Hi Agenda team, have a suggestion for calendar feature.

Calendar on side panel should be more date-focused for an app that supposed to be date-focused note taking. Entering a range of dates in search doesn’t help to give a quick overview of dates I have notes for. Can you add a feature that highlight (coloring or colored dots) all notes on monthly calendar that pop up? This will instantly give users quick view which dates he/she has notes for. Gives me a quick feel whether I spend enough days on a project, which weeks I spent most time on this project, quick count of number of days this month I was on the project, etc? Should fully utilize the pop up monthly calendar that pop up.

Please consider. Thanks.


+1 on this feature

Indeed, highlighting days on which you have notes is something we’d like to do, thanks for the feedback.

I also would like to see this feature - together with an always visible calendar sitting at the top of the right side panel (for desktop). With a click on an date it could show all notes for that date, like it behaves in the search.


Look forward to see this implemented soon.

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Completely agree that being able to scan a calendar for days with notes and just click on them in the calendar to view details would be idea. When I first read ‘date focused calendar app’ that’s what I expected to see.


Revisiting this topic, to keep it alive. A maybe easy way to implement this would be an option where the search calendar can be set to always visible. Even on the left, where it already says “overview”. As such a calendar is the best overview.

I would see browsing through notes by calendar days as a main feature for a date focused notes app.

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