Better tools (or tell me how?) to work with event “series"

I have regular monthly meetings with various teams in my company. These are mostly sync-up and status updates. Agenda is very useful in this aspect. However, one thing makes this very annoying:

There’s no simple way to quickly link to previous notes in the series.

As I understand it the “Agenda way” is to create a project for each series and create a new note each time the event occurs right?

However, I don’t want to create a new projects for every sync-up I need to attend, it’s just too much. (I know I should cancel some of them but…) The only thing I need is quick way to look back into the last note in the series and perhaps see the whole series in a glance without having to pre-organize them.

For example: I have a People project, where I sync-up with HR on a monthly basis, BUT I also have many sporadic notes in-between them as incidents happen and gets resolved. I want a way, when a new sync-up event comes up, to jump to my notes taken during the previous sync-up skipping all the incidents in-between. (but also keep those notes in-between so I can go through them as well.)

That’s bit a long but it’d help me a lot if this feature could be implemented or if there’s already a way to do this that I didn’t know, please advice.

There’s no simple way to quickly link to previous notes in the series.

This should actually have become easier recently. If you click on say next week’s event in the calendar inspector and click on “New note linked to this event” it should now insert an agenda link in the note that points to the previous note. In addition we now also show notes linked to the same series in the Related Notes section in the inspector.

We’ll have a look if we can find more ways to easily jump to notes in a series.

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If I understood the problem, maybe the issue would be solved by using tags and then filtering them using the search bar, will not show the previous note, but all the notes refered to that subject, ordered by date.