Better cut/paste support from other editors

Cutting and pasting works well enough when cutting from Agenda and pasting into Microsoft Word. But, when cutting from Word and pasting into Agenda, all formatting is lost. Seems like you could translate a Heading 1 from Word into a Heading in Agenda.

Google docs is another story. Cutting from Agenda and pasting into a blank Google doc converts every line of text into a bullet. And, when cutting from Google docs and pasting into Agenda, the text maintains the old bullets symbols, but not the actual behavior of a bulleted list.

Would be great if the formatting translated better.

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Thanks for the feedback, we’ll see if this can be improved. For our understanding, what you describe is that on Mac or iOS?


Haven’t tried it on iOS.

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I like to start noting some thoughts in Agenda, but there becomes a point when it sometimes moves from just rough thoughts to something I probably need to share with my team, and collaborate.

Pasting stuff from Agenda to Google Docs is a bit of a nightmare. Formatting is all over the place, paragraphs are no longer nicely double spaced, lists aren’t actually lists, headings are just bold text.

I may as well have started in Google Docs first - it is a waste of time starting in Agenda and switching over - but I want to always start in Agenda first. That’s where all my related notes are.

User context: I’m using Agenda as my note taking sidekick, working within a software company in a product management capacity.

Edit: unrelated, sucks that I can’t change my display name here. Just defaults to whatever email I used to sign up…

Let me know what you’d like it to change to and I can do it for you. Did you try clicking the profile icon in the top right corner? You should be able to edit it yourself.