Beta feedback


Just wanted to let you know this application is amazing! Thank you for allowing me to serve as a beta tester.

There are two items I already want to raise as potential (premium features if need be) items that would be great additions to the app:

  1. Adding a Dark mode to aid in writing a night

  2. Exporting Items into Todoist or other task management platforms

I believe these two additions would make it extremely useful in making this a key part of my work flow.

Many thanks again!!

-William Isaac


I’d like to add my thanks too!

I’m still searching for the holy grail - the one app to rule them all! Agenda may be the closest I’ve seen so far.

I’m currently using OmniFocus, Things 3, Ulysses, Bear, Trello and flagged emails to try and keep it all together. I very much like the idea of writing a narrative for each ‘project’ being able to make them date sensitive and link them together.

I would enjoy Agenda a little more if I could make adjust font sizes.

But a Brilliant start and just in time for my annual life overhaul!

Yup, I’d agree with the previous posters. Just spotted some little bugs in the nice Quip-style pop-up panel that appears when you click the circle next to each paragraph. The Lists checkboxes don’t work; the panel reads clicks as referring to the neighbouring Styles (so clicking on Checklist, for example, causes Minor Heading to be selected instead). Also, the indents/outdents don’t work yet. However, all of these things work very nicely if you use the right-click context menu instead, so just beta teething.

Very nice job! Now, I’m sure you’re working on it already – but when can we expect to see a Team Agenda…?

Thanks for the positive feedback, and the bug report. Will get onto that ASAP.

“Team Agenda”? I’m afraid we can’t discuss future features :wink: (Oh, but an iOS app is definitely coming!)

“Beta” is not accurate, is it? I had to pay $17.99 just to unlock the application features. The developers need to be more upfront about this.

Beta refers to the fact that we’re still in an (invite-only) test phase of the app, we do however believe the app is very close to 1.0 and that it’s fair to start charging for the premium features. These features are not the core features you would need to use the app normally but are more aimed at users who have been using Agenda for a while. Also, once purchased they are unlocked and yours forever, so also remain yours after the 1.0 is out.

I second the suggestion to be able to increase font sizes. I do understand the notion of styled text, but I also like a choice with regard to the size of the fonts and set it as my preference in the preferences pane.