Behavior with undo slow ui!

as in topic gtx980, 12core and 16gb ram is too low ? i feel it works with skip some of the steps …

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We have some undo improvements coming next week.

Thanks for the feedback!

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Agreed, undoing things is still quite slow (maybe just in comparison to how fast everything else is :sweat_smile:).

This is a known issue. Unfortunately, revamping undo is a major project, so we can’t just do it quickly. We’ll get to it though.

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I’d like to get this bumped up again as a priority. As a programmer, undo/redoing text input is quite a common operation that I’m used to. The behaviour in Agenda is slow, unpredictable, most often buggy/wrong, and has gotten progressively worse in recent updates.

I’ve moved away from Agenda to Apple Notes again purely because of this issue. Can you shed some light on whether there is anything you guys have planned for this?

We hear you loud and clear. First up is the attachment and inline images support, once that’s out it’s high up on our list to work on.

Version 4.1 is available now, and undo should be rock solid. Let us know if you still have any issues.