Badge for projects contains notes ‘On the Agenda'

I would like to see when projects have notes that are marked ‘on the agenda’ with a badge on the projects list. I’ve included a mock up of how it could appear when two of the three projects listed have notes that are on the agenda.

This would help me keep track of projects with open items. This would also encourage me to be diligent about completing and closing ‘On the agenda’ items.



This is interesting and would be a great help.

I quite like the idea. We’ll think about this.

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This definitely interesting. I can see it fitting into my workflow. Especially if the indicator could also apply to categories and sub-categories. That’s because I work for a number of clients and major clients are categories.

If I’m spending a day working solely for one client, I can then focus on the relevant category and the OTA indicators would be useful. At the moment going into OTA I easily get distracted by notes for other clients!

Excellent suggestion!

Update: We have added a subtle badge to the sidebar icons in the upcoming 11.2 update, thanks again for the great suggestion, enjoy!


It can be extremely subtle:


Personally I would find it very useful if I could filter the projects list and only show projects that have notes that are OTA. I can appreciate that that’s probably a good deal more work than displaying a badge though.

Thanks guys. Was a pleasant surprise when I noticed the badge present in my app this morning. I do agree that the size is a little on the subtle side, but I greatly appreciate your attention to the community and your inclusion of this feature!

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