Badge cells

Would you consider adding a badge cell to projects on the sidebar that displays the count of notes per project?

We don’t have an exact count, as we felt that would make the interface very busy. What we did do is have the icons give some indication of note count. Notice how the number of stripes changes as you add more notes. Perhaps that is useful to some extent.

Can you give us an idea why this is important to you? Just trying to understand why a count would help you.

Yes, I Have categories that represent years and project that are months. That would be handy for me to track how many notes (sessions) I have each month.

I guess you don’t need to see this count all the time, right? If you could find it via a menu on the project, that would probably be OK for your use case, right?

Putting a count on every project would become very busy, and for most people, would be an unnecessary distraction.

For me, note count would be very helpful. For example, I would like to know how many times I contacted a particular person. This could be an option in the view menu so that it wouldn’t be a distraction. It would also be help to find notes that fall between two dates.

Note that the second one is possible, ie, finding notes in a range of dates.

  1. Click on Search All
  2. Click the calendar control next to the search field
  3. Click the first date
  4. Go to the second date, hold SHIFT, and click the second date.

That gives you a range, and you should see notes that overlap that range.

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