Avoid visiting page when right-clicking Copy Agenda Link

I am often in another page wishing to copy the agenda link of a project to paste into my current page but right-clicking and selecting the link copying option brings me inevitably to that other project and then I have to use the back button. Could you prevent the default behavior of visiting the note and just have it copy (letting the user click if they actually want to visit the page)?

Which device is this? I just tried it on the Mac, but it seemed to work OK. Didn’t follow the link.

I right clicked on the link, which selected it and showed the menu. I then picked “Copy” from the menu.

Can you be more specific?

I’m on the Mac desktop too, but note that I’m speaking about copy-pasting a “Copy Agenda Link”, not copying a (regular) link in Agenda. And it is not just “Copy Agenda Link” but any right clicking onto another project brings me immediately to that project.

Ah, I think I understand now. So you want to link to a different project, so you right click in the sidebar, but then the selection changes to that project, so your note disappears. Is that it?

Yes, sorry for the delayed reply. Yes, correct. (Of course, the note doesn’t completely disappear from the app, but yes, one leaves the view of the current note to see the view of the other.)