Avoid double keyboard on iPad (Pro) docked with physical keyboard

Hi! When you work on an iPad with docked Apple keyboard and you are editing notes. You have 2 keyboard. Your “real” one and the virtual one on screen. Not efficiently toward screen space. Of cours you can swape down the virtual one, but then you miss the extra layout possibility’s. Other apps give the possibility to show just a kind of ruler with the extra needed buttons.

It’s definitely possible:

However it indeed seems that it stops showing the moment you have swiped it down and change editing to a different note, we’ll have a look.

Trying to reproduce this on my iPad Pro with Apple keyboard. For me everything seems fine. If I have the iPad keyboard attached, I see what is in the screenshot, ie, the Agenda bar and the spelling correction bar. If I tap the arrow right, I only the Agenda bar. If I tap in a different note, I also see only the Agenda bar.

I don’t know how you would get the autocorrect bar to come back, other than detaching the keyboard, but this aspect is unrelated to Agenda: I see the same behaviour in other apps like Apple Notes.

Was that the question? How do you get the autocorrection bar to come back?