Automatically update iOS widgets without running apps

What I did:

  1. Edit notes with Mac app.
  2. Go outside and check my iPhone Agenda widget

What happened:

  • I can’t find modified note on iOS widget
  • However, If I click widget → run Agenda app → wait a moment → iOS widget updated and I can see modified note on widget

What I expected:

  • Automatically update iOS widgets without running apps

Things that might be helpful to know (Agenda version, OS and model, etc):

  • I’m using Dropboxes for sync (Mac, iPhone)
  • iPhone11 iOS 14.2

Unfortunately the way widgets are set up it requires the main app to run, this is by design how Apple built things I’m afraid.

Is it different apple’s Reminder app?
I’m also using a reminder widget, which updates without running main app.

There may be a way we can do it. We have to wake the app in the background to update the widget. We will see if we can do that.

(I should point out that in general Apple has a lot more freedom in what they do than the rest of us. A lot of things we simply are not allowed to do, but I think this one should be solvable.)