Automatically Repeating Note

Is it possible to setup an automatically repeating note? One example of how I would like to use this: monthly cleaning to-do list. A single note I create once, which automatically appears in my agenda at the beginning of every month.

Reminders are too brief (I want to add multiple checklist items per instance), and Templates don’t seem to have a method to auto-generate.

If this is not possible now, hopefully it is something that could be considered in the future!

Using keyboard maestro I set up a task list that repeats daily with a scheduled execution of a URL scheme. It sounds similar to what you’re trying to do.

Indeed, at this moment using the x-callback-url support, perhaps in combination with the Shortcuts app, is the way to go. See

Thanks for the tips - I will give this a try. But I hope that this will considered for a more integrated future feature in Agenda!