Automatic text direction change for RTL Languages + Ability to change text direction for selected text

Hey everyone,

I have recently started using Agenda and already loving it.

I tried typing some notes in Arabic and ran into a little issue. The text doesn’t change direction to the right, which is a pretty basic feature in most text editors.

Just to clarify, I’m not talking about full Arabic language support, just the ability to change the text direction.

Hope you can add this feature soon.


I think it should change to RTL, but will not be right-aligned. Is that what you mean?

AFAIK RTL text is properly shown from right-to-left by the system. The alignment will still be on the left though.

We would like to improve this. It has been on our roadmap for a while.

Thanks for the reply,

I think you’re right. It’s called automatic text redirection. It’s an important feature not just for Arabic, but for all RTL languages for text to show correctly. You can see how it works if you use something like Apple Note or WhatsApp.

Yes, but Agenda should do that already. We use the standard Apple controls, just like Apple Notes.

The only thing that probably doesn’t work is the right-alignment. The text direction should already work.

We’ll see what we can do about the alignment too. We have to be careful with things like lists, which complicate things.

I’m not completely sure about the technicalities here, but there you have it. The text should align to the right for RTL languages to display correctly.
I prefer to use Agenda app in English, however; as a bilingual user, I occasionally need to type notes in Arabic. Hope to see this implemented soon.