Automatic sync with Evernote



It would be very handy to have an automatic syncing with Evernote notebook. Also, to save it as a ‘usual’ evenote note, rather than pdf.


We have some ideas in this direction but first would be to have a better import/export from and to evernote to begin with, that’s definitely on our list.


Thanks, it’s great to hear! I will be waiting for this feature. This is the only thing that stops me from buying a full version.


Oh yes!! I would love this feature too. I collaborate a lot with people in Evernote (also PC users) and not all are able/willing to use Agenda.

Thanks, Jan


I’d avoid too close of an integration with Evernote. Evernote is big, slow, and cumbersome while Agenda is fast and agile. Import/export seems reasonable though.