Automatic list tags and locations



On the left overview panel a category for all used tags und locations must be added. Clicking on a tag should display all notes with that tag.


It is better to do this manually as it is now.
When you save the search of a tag, it will be visible in the „Overview“.


Agree. I much prefer being able to only show tags I want, via saved searches, rather than having a vast list of them cluttering up the sidebar.


Bear app has implemented a very efficient way to use tags to automatically create a hierarchy tree of your tags/notes based on rich tags e.g. #work/fantastic_app/january_release/features
The tag tree is available in the sidebar and allows quick navigation.


I use Bear too, and it is a great system. Personally, I’d like to be able to show/hide the tag tree, though: with projects and saved searches alread in Agenda’s sidebar, an un-hideable tag tree might make it look too cluttered.