Automatic display of “related” notes

Now this would be a great feature. I notice your lovely forum software (what is it, by the way? Did you develop it yourselves?) has a very nice “your topic is similar to…” feature in the right-hand pane, similar to the feature in the (now defunct) app NoteSuite. Is this something you’re thinking of incorporating into Agenda? It would be amazing!

So rather than having to manually specify relationships, the app would use fuzzy matching to spot potential relationships between existing notes and the new note you’re typing/have just typed. What about it, guys ’n’ gals?!?

Did you already see our “Related Info” panel on the right? You might need to mouse over the right border to see the button appear to open it. (You can just drag too.)

That already has some intelligence. It builds up the related notes based on tags, dates, and things like that. Over time we would hope to improve it more too.


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Yes, it’s one of my favourite features (especially the Calendar tie-in – very elegantly done!). Ah, I hadn’t realised related notes picks up on tags and dates! That’s important – thanks for the tip.

Would it be possible to have the ‘Related Info’ panel open by default? It’s a very useful feature of Agenda.

/ Ton

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It’s useful, but we felt it made the app more intimidating on first launch when you have never seen the app. Better to discover that a bit later, and go from there.

Once you open it, it should stay open until you close it again, even across launches.


Ah, okay. Sounds logical. But the ‘Related Info’ panel doesn’t stay open between launches right now, so this is one for the bug department.

Ah, that will be a bug. Will check. Thanks!

Hi. I can confirm that the Related panel still do not stay open across launches. When will this bug be fixed?

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We continue searching to what is causing this, it’s a nasty bug because it only seems to affect a small group of people and we can’t reproduce it ourselves :frowning: